All Aboard…
For Murder
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This Year’s Mystery Dinner

Five detectives and four villains receive an anonymous letter, imploring them to travel to the mysterious Platform 45 on a matter of life and death. They arrive to a peculiar assembly of detectives and criminals, strangers to one another but each famous in their own right. Who could possibly orchestrate such a bizarre encounter across time and space?

Trapped on a moving train, they discover one of their own has been murdered, and they must unite to solve the crime…before he strikes again. Who among them is the murderer?  And who is the mysterious letter writer who orchestrated the sinister events?

Interview the suspects, investigate the clues, and deduce the valuable from the red herrings as you become the detective to solve the greatest crime ever committed when you go All Aboard…for Murder!

Tickets are $13.00 (11yrs+), Kids Tickets are $6.00, and free childcare for up to 5 years old.

The Murder Mystery Dinner is an immersive and interactive show straight out of a detective novel! You’ll work with the other members of your table as you become detectives to solve the murder. All of our actors are students raising money to go to Mission Camp this summer and have been working for months to make sure your experience is a great one!
Three Course Dinner
Not only is our show a good one, our dinner is as well. We want to make sure you have such a good experience, that you tell all your friends to attend next year. Our wait staff will do everything they can to make your dinner a good one, as they raise money for Mission Camp this summer. *Gluten Free options available. **Speciality drinks available for an additional charge to enhance your dining experience.

Hosted at Vanguard Church

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Vanguard Church